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Alternative Risk Transfer

We recognize the challenges you face in trying to understand and analyze the myriad of alternative risk transfer options that exist today. Captives represent one alternative and, quite possibly, the best alternative for financing your insurable risk. Leavitt Captives consult with you to determine your comfort level with the captive concept, its atypical features, and the timing of future distributions that may enhance your net cash flow.

An Evaluation Is Critical

A less experienced or misguided analysis can quickly create misconceptions and leave important questions left unanswered along the way. This is an opportunity lost. We are here as true captive professionals in Montana to guide you through the process. Leavitt Great West has aligned ourselves with the leading captive consultants, we are prepared to help you undertake the journey.


Advantages of Captive Insurance

Gain greater control of your organization’s insurance destiny by joining a member-owned group captive. By leaving the traditional insurance marketplace and becoming a shareholder in a group captive, you will enjoy a variety of benefits. Some of which include reducing total cost of risk, creating a new profit center for your company and aligning world class loss control customized for you and your business. 


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