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Throughout the years our Members and Partners have won in the captive space and in their businesses.

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NASA Crawler-Transporter 2

It’s not every day you know the folks who helped get a rocket to the moon. Except for this day, this day we know them. We are thrilled to share that one of our very own Captive members, L&H Industrial, played a key role in the recent launch of the NASA rocket; Artemis.


L&H won the contract with NASA over 12 years ago to update the undercarriage of the 1960’s NASA Crawler Transporters. Being that these are the largest self-powered land vehicles on earth, precision was a necessity and there was zero room for error. With the skills and expertise of the L&H team, the NASA Crawler-Transporter update was finished ahead of schedule, within budget and “with quality surpassing the original project specification,” successfully transporting Artemis to its launch position with ease. We're very proud of L&H for this win that will likely lead to more wins in the future. Congratulations to everyone involved, here’s to the next win! For more details on the success, check this out

Board in front of Artemis.jpg

L&H Industrial Owners

Dustin and Tom in Crawler cab.jpg

The Crawler

Board on Crawler.jpeg
New L&H lower roller assemblies on NASA crawler .jpg

November, 2022

Hartford Large.png

Fronting Firm of 2022

December, 2022

Congratulations to one of our very own Captive partners, The Hartford! They were recently named 2022 Fronting Firm of the Year by Captive International.


As a vital component of the broader captive insurance architecture, fronting services help captives and captive owners better manage their risk. Fronting gives captives the opportunity to partner with a reputable commercial carrier with a strong credit rating, allowing captives to reducing the cost of capital and offering their parents access to a broader range of services.

We are thrilled to partner with The Hartford as our Fronting Firm. Our Captives continue to grow in number and size every year and with their help we provide excellent service and opportunity. Thank you to every person at Hartford that helps our Captive Groups at Leavitt Great West. Congratulations!

To read further, click here

Hartford Award Photo.png

named a
Best Firm to Work For


September, 2022

Congratulations to one of our very own Tribute Captive Members; Cushing Terrell! They were recently named one of the best firms to work for 2022 by The Zweig Group. Zweig Group is the nation’s leader in enhancing business performance for architecture, engineering, planning, construction and environmental consulting firms.


With Cushing Terrell joining our EB Captive only a few months ago, we knew they were a fit right away. One of their founding principles from 1938 was "on the belief that integrating architecture, engineering, and design opens the doors for deepened relationships and enhanced creativity. This foundation continues to define the firm and its multidisciplinary team today," -Cushing Terrell. Our Captive Members not only value the relationships they build during our board meetings and workshops, but also the level of excellence each business brings to the table, setting a standard of excellence for themselves and everyone around them.


Best-In-Class Businesses like Cushing Terrell, continue to raise the bar for our Captive Members, encouraging the highest level of integrity, business practice, safety and growth, to name a few. We're excited to have Cushing Terrell as part of our Tribute Captive and look forward to seeing their continued leadership and excellence contribute to the advancement of the architectural and engineering industry where employees are proud to work. To read further, click here

Cushing Terrell Group Picture Best Firm to Work For.png
Cushing Terrell President Quote.png
Cushing Terrell President Photo Greg Matthews.png


Our very own L&H was featured in the January edition of the Artemis Supplier Insider

L&H feature 1.jpg
L&H feature 2.jpg
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