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Jason Martel | Vice President | Martel Construction
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"As one of the founding members of Legacy, we had some apprehension early on joining a group captive insurance program.  By using Legacy’s loss control resources we quickly realized that our decision to join was the right one.  We have been able to control outcomes better resulting in fewer worker injuries and accidents that ultimately lead to lower premiums and unused premiums being returned to us in the form of a dividend.  We have been able to reduce our program costs nearly 40% from previous traditional lines."

Brion Torgerson | Chief Executive Officer | Torgerson's, LLC
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"In the business world of today with risk that continually increases, we have found the Captive Group with Leavitt Great West Insurance provides critical protection against a bad claims year and coverage at a more reasonable price.  More important than the protection, is the active role they play in loss prevention with significant risk management benefits usually reserved for the larger Fortune 500 companies.  It is our slice of asset protection from the claims of just doing business!  In our group-captive, we all share risk with like minded safety-conscious companies.  We have built a safety culture with The Legacy's risk management services which has reduced injuries, reduced cost, and made us a better company."

Mike Thatcher | Chief Executive Officer | Community, Counseling, & Correctional Services

"Before we joined the Legacy group captive insurance program, we were subject to the wild swings of insurance premiums with no real answer as to why. This made it impossible to accurately budget expenses which is critical in our business. Legacy has provided us with predictability and transparency, as we speak directly to the people who look at our specific loss history and the groups. There are no more unpleasant surprises, and we are gaining control of our premium faster than ever before in our history."

Joe Brandt | President | Cardinal Distributing
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"We joined Legacy in its inception and now have control what was previously uncontrollable. Our insurance program responds, and we are now paying premiums far below the best rates from a traditional provider."

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